Contest results

This year’s edition of TRAKO for Children gathered more than 200 submitted works. For each of them we thank you.
The program council of the action selected the winners in II categories. We are pleased to announce the winners:

Category 0-III

I place – Julita Keler (9 y.o.)
II place – Zofia Choszczewska (9 y.o.)
III place – Martyna Martynelis (8 y.o.)
Highlight – Konstancja Nowak (8 y.o.)

Category IV – VIII

I place – Krystisina Liutsko (14 y.o.)
II place – Klaudia Okrój (12 y.o.)
II place – Aniela Maszota (16 y.o.)
III place – Yana Besh (12 y.o.)
Highlight – Nadia Burda (12 y.o.)