Jan Raczyński media prize

Media about the railway – II edition of  Jan Raczyński Contest

The TRAKO program board decided to organize a competition for the media (journalist and institutions), which actively present railway related topics. The aim is to support the presentation of reliable knowledge and information about the rail transport industry in Poland.

During TRAKO 2021 the awards of Jan Raczyński contest were given for the first time. The winner was Katarzyna Kapczyńska – Puls Biznesu, distinctions were awarded to Marek Graff  – Technika Transportu Szynowego and  Jakub Majdras – Rynek Kolejowy.

Currently, the Jury has gathered again to prepare the next edition of the competition, which will have its final at TRAKO 2023.

The jury, as before, is waiting for proposals for nominations for the award. The main criterion that the candidate must meet is include railway topics in media materials. These materials may be published by press, internet, radio and television.

The organizers of the competition are waiting for entries by July 31, 2023
In order to submit a report, please complete the form on the website: forms.gle/9PqsWEaqvP2RXh7aA



Editor Jan Raczyński passed away unexpectedly in 2020, while beiing full of professional and journalistic life. In 1996 he founded and continuously ran one of the most important industry periodicals – Technika Transportu Szynowego  (Rail Transportation Systems). He was an extraordinary figure, he was involved in the railway industry all his professional life.

The rail transport industry still needs reliable promotion and competent dissemination of reliable knowledge about their activities in media and information space. The media award of Jan Raczyński may contribute to this goal.